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Why Top Professionals Are So Successful

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As the days grow shorter and cooler, I find myself reflecting on a week I spent in sunny  Florida at an Alan Weiss thought leadership seminar with 30 of the top consultants in the world. Though they work in different fields, they all have the following traits in common. Here’s why they’re so successful…


All of them clearly understand the value they provide their clients. Whether they’re executive coaches, merger and acquisition specialists or operations and supply chain consultants, they all know exactly how they help their clients accelerate profit, growth and personal performance.


They take bold measures to market and deliver their value. They’re provocative, innovative, and they challenge their clients’ thinking to help move them to levels of performance they never thought possible.


They’re action oriented. Not only did they know exactly what they’d do back at the office to move their practices forward, but they began taking action before they’d even left Florida. I know because when I ran into them at the airport, they were already writing and scheduling their next steps for the following week.

In every profession, we can always work on improving how we articulate our value, being bold in our communication and delivery, and taking action.

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