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What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

This famous saying and book title by Marshall Goldsmith, the consummate management coach, applies to many things in our business lives, not the least of which is supply chain management strategy. I recently received a survey from a marketing company seeking to find out how companies were addressing performance improvement and risk mitigation in their supply chains. As I reviewed the survey, two things jumped out.

  1. Most of the issues were internally focused.
  2. The ideas they proposed as “leading edge” had to do with information, communication, tracking, improving current processes, and collaboration; the same old, same old.

If companies want to move to the next level of performance in their supply chains, they need to think differently as they develop their strategies. Otherwise, they’re trying to out-perform their competitors by doing the same things better. To reach world class, top 10% performance, companies need to think differently. How can they partner (not just collaborate) to improve supply chain performance? How can they become more agile to allow quick, dramatic improvements to take place? How can they leverage speed in everything they do?

Companies don’t need to just think outside the box, they need to do away with the box. Trying to do the same things better won’t get your there. Using the power of partnerships and world class thinking will.

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