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What a Waste

My wife is having the clothes washer serviced because it’s dripping oil on the floor. When the service technician arrived, he explained that the transmission was leaking. It seems the machine is produced off shore and was overfilled with fluid during production. There is a pressure relief hole that comes plugged with wax so it won’t leak during shipment, but once it’s in use, the wax is pushed out and the machine leaks oil onto the floor.

I asked him why they don’t just under fill, or better yet, correctly fill the oil? He said they made too many of them to go back and correct them and they won’t need to produce more for quite some time. Now he is replacing the transmission along with several other parts that have been damaged.

This is a classic example of not doing it right the first time. What a waste!

Do you have examples in your company of reducing costs or trying to improve productivity by cutting corners in production? In many cases the waste shows up for the customer with dramatic costs in both the short term (maintenance) and the long term (lost customers). A basic tenet of process and productivity improvement is “Do It Right The First Time.”

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