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The Six Characteristics of an Effective Vision

As we think about planning for the coming year, I’d like to share my top six characteristics for an effective vision, whether at the project level or the company level, or perhaps even at the personal level:

1) Imaginable. It creates a clear picture of where you want to go with your company, department, or project.

2) Desirable. The vision is appealing to all stakeholders.

3) Feasible. While the vision should aim high, it needs to keep its feet on the ground and be achievable.

4) Focused. A good project vision is focused enough to provide a paradigm for decision-making. As the project proceeds, refer back to the vision, asking, “If we take this action now, will it bring us closer to our vision?”

5) Flexible. The vision should be elastic enough to allow people to take initiative. In other words, the boundaries are wide enough to allow room to play the game and be creative.

6) Communicable. It isn’t a three-inch binder. It’s one page or less, and clear enough that everyone involved can understand it.

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