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Technology Alone Won’t Win The Day

I love to watch the Winter Olympics. Not only do I like winter, but I used to ski, both downhill and cross country, and really enjoy being out in the snow. The US Olympic team tried to use technology to win the day in both speed skating and bobsled. The speed skaters’ performance was disappointing even with suits made of high tech materials. Some people blamed the new suits for their substandard performance, but when the team changed back to their old suits – in which they did very well in the world skating competitions – their Olympic performance was still subpar.

The bobsledders’ story is much the same. BMW designed a space-age sled that was supposed to give the Americans a great advantage in their races. They ended up winning the bronze metal. Now, that’s still quite an accomplishment, but from the sounds of the pre-race talk, you would have thought the Americans had the gold medal in the bag.

All this goes to show you can’t win with technology alone. You still have to run the race and have the best athletes on your team to win. It’s the same in business. Investing in technology alone in an effort to win the day is folly. You need strong players on your management team, and they need to run the race with their best effort. That, in combination with good technology, will help your company reach the medal stand.

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