How Top Supply Chains Lead The Way

Industry week recently published its list of the 25 top supply chains of 2014. As part of that, it pointed out what those companies are doing to develop their supply chains. The leading practices included:

  • Supply chain network design optimization
  • Use of data analytics
  • Product launch and life cycle management
  • Synchronous business planning
  • Inventory optimization and management of the cash-to-cash cycle
  • Collaboration within the supply chain from customers to suppliers

All of these are vital to successful supply chain management, but world-class performance in those areas helps create amazing competitive advantage. Each of the companies in the top 25 are not only leaders in their industries, but are recognized as innovative, creative and top performing companies world wide.

Are you using these tools and techniques in your supply chains?

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Is Collaboration a Partnership?

Collaboration seems to be the word of the year. Everywhere you look companies are collaborating on this or that. Articles suggest you should collaborate with your customers, suppliers, strategic partners and others. But does collaboration represent a true partnership?

The technical definition of collaboration is “the action of working with someone to produce or create something,” in other words, simply working with another toward a joint outcome. How does this impact each party? Working together may not provide a well-balanced outcome resulting in a win for both sides.

True partnerships benefit both parties where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It is the win/win relationship that both parties want, as well as the opportunity for to achieve success beyond what they could do on their own.

Collaboration is certainly a worthy thing, but to really gain the amazing results that both parties seek, a true partnership is necessary. Are you just collaborating, or are you partnering? Are you seeking a joint outcome or world-class success? Click here for more on creating true partnerships that produce amazing results.

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