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Suppliers Are People Too

Executives at most small and middle market companies have goals and objectives that are often very personal in nature – providing a great product or service to their customers, living a good life contributing to their own well being as well as that of their employees and community, perhaps accumulating a good number of “toys” or that house in the mountains or at the beach. Many want to make a good profit, make a name in the business community and build their company’s reputation among their peers. People define “success” differently, but their business is almost always a key part of the picture.

Your suppliers have the same goals and objectives. Many companies treat their suppliers as someone with whom to negotiate a better deal, to beat into submission and to use until they can no longer perform, only to replace them at the drop of a hat. Perhaps if more buyers and supply chain people treated their suppliers as they would like to be treated, (hmm – I’ve heard that somewhere before) the result might be better than one could ever imagine.

Suppliers are people too. Treating them as partners in your business (and you in theirs) can yield amazing results.

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