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Shining a Lean Light on Purchasing

Recently a client asked how purchasing activities change in a Lean environment. In both manufacturing and distribution, Lean or Toyota Production System (TPS) implementation affects material flow from suppliers to production. The focus on waste reduction can translate to lower materials cost.

Here are three ways that purchasing methods and activities look different in a Lean light:

Speed Without Waste

First, materials flow to the lines tends to be more “Just-In-Time.” Smaller, more frequent batches drive Purchasing to use blanket purchase orders with frequent, usually daily, releases. To prevent stock-outs while keeping inventory (one of the seven wastes of TPS) low, many companies use auto-replenishment systems such as Kanban and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

Creative Cost-Cutting

Second, materials cost reduction takes on greater importance. Working with suppliers to improve quality, involving suppliers in design for cost reduction, and changing the way suppliers package and ship will all require increased attention from buyers.

Don’t be Shy

Third, the level of communication with suppliers increases dramatically in Lean purchasing. In order to eliminate waste and cut costs, buyers need to refine their supplier selection processes. In addition, openly sharing forecasts, product development plans and market activity changes the nature and frequency of supplier communications. Lean purchasers can’t be shy with their suppliers.

Lean presents new challenges to every part of your operations, including purchasing. Ultimately, the payoff is worth the effort.

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