To help implement the leading edge techniques we use in our work, we have developed training programs that prepare CEOs, managers and employees for change. Training programs are customized to meet your group’s specific needs. Popular training topics include:

  • Implementing supplier partnerships
  • Improving inventory accuracy
  • Reducing obsolete inventory

Operations HQ

The Operations HQ program provides workshops for your management team to develop and implement operations strategy. Benefits Include:

  • Increased profitability
  • Solid operations and supply chain strategy for a successful future
  • Clear organization and greater accountability
  • Effective strategy implementation
  • Unbeatable agility to respond to market changes
  • Painless communication, more fun and less stress

It begins with Strategy Immersion, which brings the key members of your executive team together for an off-site, full day retreat designed to delve into the core of your business and generate an actionable operations strategy.

“Rick Pay recently led my executive team through a one-day Strategy Immersion. It was the greatest day we have spent as a team looking at the major components of Operations and Supply Chain strategy. Rick’s outside perspective combined with our own business knowledge helped us bring focus and direction to our Operations. This one day dramatically improved our thinking and was money well spent.”

William H. Barton III
President/Owner, Forest Dental