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Rick Pay offers presentations that prepare CEOs and managers to make far-reaching organizational changes and achieve their highest operations goals. Here are a few of his latest speaking topics:

  • Innovative Operations Strategy in a Lean Environment

    75% of US companies are engaged in some form of Lean implementation, but 70% of them fail to achieve significant results. This presentation shows how speed and agility are essential components of innovative operations strategy and reveals what Lean really means for leaders of competitive companies.

  • Creating Innovative Business Partnerships: What Suppliers Need to Know

    As a supplier, you have the power to shape your relationships with key customers. This presentation shows how to identify potential partners, develop relationships into win-win partnerships, and become known as an innovative and responsive supplier. We will discuss auto-replenishment, vendor managed inventory, technical expertise, design collaboration and other practical approaches.

  • Where Will You Be in Three Years? Strategic Operations Planning

    How are some companies able to continuously improve and gain market share, while others fall behind in the race? In this presentation, Rick Pay reveals the characteristics of an innovative operations strategy, tips for implementation, and what you can do to keep your business ahead of the pack.

  • Fires, Floods and Fraud: Preventing Supply Chain Risk

    In this presentation, Rick shows how to use supplier partnerships, supplier risk management plans, insurance, supply chain structure and vendor rationalization to help minimize supply chain risk.

  • How to Avoid Obsolete Inventory

    Obsolete inventory is one of the principal components of inventory cost. Find out what causes obsolete inventory and learn the three critical actions that prevent it from building up in the first place.