Personalization: Activating Your Employees

Employees are more likely to get on board with change when they know where they’re going and why. When you activate your employees, you unleash their potential and the company benefits in many ways.

  • Speedy execution of strategy.
  • Create an agile company by balancing internal and external skill sets.
  • Jump-start creative thinking in your company by bringing in the right outside talent.
  • Encourage innovation and growth by fostering an Action Imperative™.
  • Relentless pursuit of excellence and improvement by engaged leaders.
  • Free up the CEO’s time and energy by delegating to committed managers.

Rick’s client Alaska Communications achieved dramatic results in just six months by using external resources, internal leadership and bringing the first-line people on board early in the change process.

“The process of identifying and implementing a new inventory management system and team was pretty overwhelming for us to start with, but Rick’s common sense approach made it straightforward. Everyone is on board with this project and they want to be successful. They get what Rick is saying, and that’s an important part of implementing a successful program.”

Doug Feldkamp
President, Umpqua Dairy