Innovative Strategic Frameworks

An effective framework for operations and supply chain provides a road map to the future and gets employees on board with change. Rick Pay’s Dimensions of Executive ThoughtSM are designed to yield measurable results by:

  • Getting the ROI you want from improvement efforts.
  • Understanding local and global markets as well as product and service diversification.
  • Assuring timely and economical delivery of your products or services through supply chain structure.
  • Getting your strategy implemented quickly and correctly by putting the right people in the right places.
  • Achieving exponential improvements in materials costs, inventory turns and customer order fulfillment levels though partnerships.
  • Choosing the highest ROI technology available for your company and using the right amount of process automation.

Supply Chain Strategy

In which areas of supply chain strategy does your company already excel? What elements are missing? We can help find hidden opportunities for growth and profitability.

puzzle supply chain strategy elements

Rick’s article in Supply Chain World

Innovative Strategy
tells the story of a client who improved service levels, lowered logistics costs and cut inventory levels by solving (with Rick’s help) their unique supply chain strategy puzzle.