Disruptive Ideas

With a solid strategy and a vitalized workforce, you’re ready to think big and aim high. Our clients have implemented numerous innovative improvement programs, including Lean, World Class Manufacturing, supplier partnerships and more.

What’s different for our clients? Their results happen quickly, exceed expectations and yield long-term benefits. Here are some of the ways our clients have accelerated their profits using disruptive ideas:

  • Increased inventory turns from six to 12 while reducing order lead-time by two thirds.
  • Improved gross profit margin by 20% and identified over $1.2 million in inventory reductions.
  • Uncovered a 32% cost reduction and 30% inventory reduction.
  • Doubled throughput of shipping with no increase in staff.
  • Identified over $500,000 in inventory reductions, increased profitability by 2% of sales, and reduced warehouse space by over 25%.

“We’ve worked with Rick for several years. The statistical improvement was astounding and the benefit to our bottom line was exceptional. We had a good team – Rick advising us on new methodologies in an organization that was ready to embrace change. I would very much recommend Rick. If you want to drive change and improvement in a measurable and sustainable way, call him.”

Wayne Graham
CFO, Alaska Communications