Accelerating Growth

Like professional athletes, world-class companies are always striving to improve, and they turn to coaches to help them make the leap from good to great. We help companies grow by leveraging what’s already working within the company to make it even better. A coach’s outside perspective means that we see what executives don’t.

The R. PAY COMPANY can accelerate your company’s growth by:

  • Fine-tuning processes by measuring shipped-on-time, productivity, margins, asset turns, lead-times and speed.
  • Accurately assessing your company’s operations and supply chain performance.
  • Improving profitability by reducing materials costs by 10% – 20%.
  • Improving labor productivity
  • Freeing up cash by eliminating “glacially slow moving” inventory and dramatically increasing turns.
  • Boosting capacity by 20% or more without any capital investment by focusing on flow, lead times, and speed.
  • Strengthening the company overall with vendor partnerships, internal process improvement, repetitive exercise and practice.

growth accelerator triangle

“Rick was able to efficiently and effectively analyze our business operations. He identified areas for Quality-Delivery-Cost improvement that allowed us to make measurable improvements in our customer service levels – both internally and externally. His detailed recommendations and achievable implementation plan became the backbone of our strategic improvement initiatives. As a manufacturer and designer of electronic assemblies with over ten years of Lean Manufacturing experience, his external viewpoint was critical in helping us identify and address our ‘blind spot opportunities.'”

Terry Martin
Operations Manager, Milwaukee Electronics