Executive Briefings

Rick Pay’s Executive Briefings are written for executives who value innovation, speed, and agility in their operations and supply chain.

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Innovative Operations

The Five Essential Types of Communication for Operations and Supply Chain Excellence – Without communication in your operations and supply chain, it’s easy to miss important opportunities to innovate and improve. Are you really being heard, both internally and outside your company?

The Levers of Change examines why some companies are able to execute change successfully. Does your company have the right tools to get the job done, and are you using them to your best advantage?

Is “innovative” a word you’d use to describe your organization? Good or Great? shows how continuous improvement translates into competitive advantage, even in a slow economy.

Speed and agility are essential components of operations strategy – in fact, they can make the difference between winning and losing. Leadership and Strategy in a Lean Environment, Part I

Leadership and Strategy in a Lean Environment Part II looks at the four elements of operations strategy and what you as a leader can do to stay ahead of the pack.

Supply Chain Strategies

How would you characterize your business relationship with your suppliers and customers? Supplier Partnerships for Competitive Advantage reveals the leading edge model of Supplier Partner Programs.

Supply Chain Risk Management: Tornadoes and Earthquakes and Floods, Oh My! shows how strong supply chains – with solid strategies, supplier partnerships, and risk management plans – can help companies avoid the dangers in the supply management forest.

Inventory Management

Obsolete inventory is one of the largest components of inventory cost. The important question isn’t how to get rid of it, but how to avoid it in the first place. How to Avoid Obsolete Inventory outlines three proactive solutions.

Find out why a price break on freight today could set you up to lose money tomorrow. Is Freight the Tail that Wags the Dog?

Exponential Profits

Focus On Breakthrough Results Why focusing on the entire business process – from order to delivery and from supplier to customer – yields the best results.

You Better Watch Out! China is coming to town. Find out how to compete with Chinese companies that are moving their operations to the US, and why labor cost isn’t the only factor in play.

Many companies are looking for ways to cut costs without laying off valuable employees. The State of Oregon’s Work Share program allows employers to cut costs by up to 40% while helping employees maintain most of their pre-layoff wages. A Way to Have Your Cake and Eat it, Too!

Change Management

A leader’s vision, when articulated as a target state, has the power to foster a culture of ownership and accountability. Creating an Action Imperative shows what it takes to establish a habit of action throughout your organization, creating a true state of continuous improvement.

Process Improvement

You’ve heard of the Seven Wastes identified by the Toyota Production System, but have you thought of others? This Executive Briefing illustrates The Eighth Waste: Interruptions.

Why Don’t Things Get Done? Many frustrated leaders ask why, although employees discuss important issues in meetings, when they leave the meeting nothing changes. Here are three reasons.