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Reform Your Business When Business Is Good

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Last year I sent out a Growth Accelerator newsletter about why it’s essential to keep growing your business, especially when things are going well:

I find it very interesting how many executives want to wait to meet, start projects, hire key people and start change initiatives, because they’re making a profit and “Things are fine.” Why should they put effort into improvement when nothing’s wrong right now? Here’s why:

1) Succumbing to the status quo (even if it’s good) can be dangerous.

2) Their competitors are getting better everyday.

Toyota, the icon of Lean and continuous improvement, is always striving to get better. In an article “The Contradictions That Drive Toyota’s Success” (Harvard Business Review, June, 2008) senior executives said, “Never be satisfied.” The chairperson of Toyota said, “There has got to be a better way, and we need to reform business when business is good.”

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