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Reciprocity Between Strategy and Tactics

A holistic view of strategy creates a balance between the business strategy and the operations strategy. An integrated approach that addresses both simultaneously exploits core competencies, which can help the company achieve its vision. Many companies do the corporate strategy first, then the operations strategy. But by doing them in an integrated fashion, both can contribute to each other.

The business strategy pulls the business ahead while the operations strategy synergistically pushes it. I call this Rick’s Reciprocity Principle, and it functions like a freight train with engines in front that pull and additional engines in back that push. When they are well balanced and working together, this makes the train more efficient by reducing the pressure on the couplings between the cars and on the wheels’ interface with the track. The result is less wear, greater fuel efficiency and a better-running train. Business strategy and operations strategy work together in much the same way.


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This post is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Moving Into the Express Lanes, published by Business Expert Press.

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