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Operations Strategy – What Are Your Options?

At this time of year, many companies conduct their annual off-site planning retreat to develop strategic plans for the next year. Then it’s back to work and the plan sits on the shelf until next year’s retreat. Operations Strategy encompasses the means to achieve the vision, which sets your goals for the next two to three years. Strategic planning is actually an oxymoron, since strategy and planning are on different levels. Planning involves the tactics used to implement the strategy.


operations strategy

There are five different operations strategies, and you get to pick no more than two:

  • Low cost
  • High Quality
  • Speed/flexibility/responsiveness
  • Wide line/custom
  • Innovation

For example, part of what drove the offshoring trend in the 1980s and 1990s was the strategy of low cost. Then speed started the reshoring process. Tesla has a strategy of innovation, while Lexus is quality.

What is your company’s operations strategy? Do you have a clear vision that you want to support? Establishing a vision and then picking your strategy before you start the tactical activities allows you to prepare for the future and dramatically increase the value of your company.


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