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Operations Discipline

I am developing a new area of thought I call Operations Discipline. This area of thought comprises those elements required to most efficiently and effectively execute the key aspects of manufacturing, distribution and service operations. Operations Discipline includes the elements of systems/processes, constructs/rules and behavior/accountability. These elements are all within a framework of continuous improvement.

A strong culture of Operations Discipline results in a highly profitable operation with strong customer service and effective use of assets such as inventory. Weak Operations Discipline results in not only the antithesis of the above, but also low morale.

There is another similarly named area of thought called Operational Discipline, but it tends to focus more on safety and environmental issues particularly in process industries. Operations Discipline deals at a much more strategic level, affecting the very culture of an organization and its ability to carry out its mission. I will be writing more on the elements of Operations Discipline in future postings.

Operations Discipline

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3 thoughts on “Operations Discipline

    • Aziz:

      Thank you for your comment. Quality Management is certainly one area that can help drive Operations Discipline, but since the elements of discipline I refer to are more strategic, the real drivers of discipline come from the top of the organization. Leadership for discipline comes from the CEO and Operations leaders and becomes part of the culture of the organization. If they don’t support the elements of discipline, there will be no accountability and the organization won’t follow through.


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