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Only the Paranoid Survive

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I subscribe to the theory of, “Only the paranoid survive.” Put forth by former Intel CEO Andrew Grove in his 1996 book, Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company, I believe this adage is a word to the wise in any business.

In his book, Grove talks about strategic inflection points, which drive fundamental change. When they occur, it’s time for the company to wake up and listen. Think of Sears and Amazon. Sears was once one of the leading retailers in the country; an example of companies built to last. But they missed the disruptive approach that Amazon brought to the market, the inflection points, and now appear to be on their last legs.

In my business, I believe three things will help me respond to inflection points: change, raising the bar, and expert advice. To read more about these approaches, check out this issue of my Growth Accelerator newsletter.


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