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One Thing Can Make All the Difference

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Over the years I’ve helped many clients develop and implement innovative operations and supply chain strategy. One thing seems to make all the difference in their success:  key managers who have the passion to get things done.

I visited one client with whom I had an advisory relationship every other month, and we talked about implementing supplier partnerships, JIT inventory management and supply chain strategy. At my next visit, the Director of Supply Chain took me by the arm and said, “You’ve got to see this.” We went into the warehouse to see the latest ideas they implemented on their journey, and the results were really impressive. I asked myself, “Why is this client so successful when others aren’t?” They had the right people on the bus – those that drive change and have a passion for the ideas we developed to improve their operations.

The keys to implementing breakthrough Operations Strategy are:

  1. Innovative thinking creating a vision for success.
  2. Having the right people in place, particularly at the mid-level, who drive improvements with passion and discipline.
  3. Developing partnerships inside and outside the organization.

The vital element is having the right people who keep moving toward the vision of the future, not allowing roadblocks to impede their progress.

Do you have the right people on your bus? Are they passionate about your vision of the future? Do they break down barriers and move quickly? Do your results reflect that?

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