Moving Into the Express Lane: How to Rapidly Increase the Value of Your Business

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1+1=100: Achieving Breakthrough Results Through Partnerships

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Innovative Strategy – How a forward-thinking approach to third party logistics (3PL) can reduce inventory and improve service. Published in Supply Chain World.

Getting It Together – This article tells the story of a company that has made exceptional use of supplier partnerships and reaped unexpected rewards in innovation, productivity and cost reduction. Published in Supply Chain World.

A Lean Fighting Machine – The elements that make Lean a powerful competitive tool may not be new, but they contain important lessons for modern companies. Published in Digger Magazine.

Lean for the Long Haul – By knowing how to overcome obstacles, you can implement a Lean process at your company that will pay long-term dividends. Published in Digger Magazine.

Negotiating on Cost, Not Price: Understanding Why TCO is an Underused Negotiation Approach, and How to Switch Gears – If Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is such a good approach, why doesn’t everyone adopt it to reduce supply chain costs? Published in eSide Supply Management, a publication of the Institute for Supply Management, and ranked Most Popular Article of 2010.

Avoiding Obsolete Inventory: Possession is 9/10ths of the Problem – In an ongoing examination of inventory strategies, Rick shows how S&OP planning, auto-replenishment systems, and ramp-up/ramp-down discipline can not only mitigate obsolete inventory, but prevent it from building up in the first place. Published in Industry Week.

Everybody’s Jumping On The Lean Bandwagon, But Many Are Being Taken For A Ride – Manufacturers are climbing on the Lean bandwagon in droves. The Industry Week/MPI Census of Manufacturers, released in November 2007, shows that nearly 70 percent of all plants in the US are currently employing Lean Manufacturing as an improvement methodology. But is Lean right for every company? Published in Industry Week.

We’re Going Lean, Where’s The Payoff? – It seems that everywhere you turn, Lean is permeating American industry. According to an Industry Week survey, 70% of all manufacturing plants in the US are implementing Lean. Yet, the same article says, “The jury is still out on exactly what the end result of the Lean initiative should be.” Published in CEO Refresher.


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