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Is Your Operations Strategy Aligned?

In my forthcoming book, Moving Into The Express Lane: How to Rapidly Increase The Value of Your Company, I explore how to align your operations strategy with the business vision. To prepare for writing, I interviewed CEOs, CFOs and COOs of middle market companies.


Some of the questions included:

  • What drives value in your business?
  • What is the 2 – 3 year vision for your company?
  • Is your operations geared to the various customer types/channels you sell to?
  • What operations capabilities do you need to strengthen to achieve that vision?
  • Who decides that?
  • How will your workforce need to change to support growth?
  • Do you plan capacity?
  • What metrics do you track to tell you that operations is ready to support growth?

Ask the questions to your own team about your company. You’ll discover if you’re in alignment. If you aren’t, the ride becomes very uncomfortable.

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