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How To Move To The Express Lanes

To move into the express lanes toward accelerated profit and growth, you need to develop a holistic view by connecting your operations strategy and your business vision. Many middle market company leaders focus too heavily on one or the other, forgetting that connecting the two can create the horsepower for success.

The corporate vision expresses what you’re trying to achieve in the next two to three years, and why. It provides focus to your employees and partners and serves as a measuring stick to assess progress. The operations strategy is comprised of 12 key factors including supplier partnerships, supply chain design, capacity, technology, work force and more.

Holistic View Quadrant

If you have a strong vision and weak operations strategy, you can’t keep your promises. If you have a strong operations strategy and weak vision, you’re wandering in the wilderness. If both are weak, you are dying. If both elements are strong, you are accelerating toward profit and growth.

The holistic view provides balance between your corporate vision and operations strategy and enables you to accelerate to success.

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