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How Can I Make Things Easier?

When asked, “What one thing, when you do it, makes everything else easier?” my mentor Alan Weiss responded, “There are several things: speed, courage, lack of self-censorship and abandonment of perfection.” These are things that apply to business situations as well, particularly in leadership, operations and supply chain.

Embracing speed (and avoiding procrastination) prevents bad situations from getting worse, allows you to beat the competition and provides excellent customer service. In my Executive Command Center™, speed is the big dial on the dashboard and is the most important element of performance.

Act with courage. Know that you might make mistakes, but as long as you learn from them, don’t worry.

Remember: success, not perfection. Keep your eye on the vision or future state of how you want things to be, how processes should work, the results you’re trying to achieve. Trying to be perfect simply delays things.

Business should be fun and things need to keep moving toward the vision of the team, organization, partnerships and community. Speed, courage, and abandoning perfection will make things easier and help you enjoy the journey.

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