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Help…My Business is Doing Well!

Success can be the kiss of death for businesses. Many businesses suffer from what I call “profit disease” – sales are growing, profits are good, but often that’s when they become complacent. Things are so good (compared to the past) that executives begin to believe they are smarter than their competitors, or even invincible. There’s a law of physics that will bring them back to reality: the second law of thermodynamics.

First and Second Laws of ThermodynamicsCommonly known as the law of entropy, the second law says that when left alone, systems will decline. If you aren’t continuously trying to improve your business and reach for innovative approaches, your business will decline. Keep in mind, your competitors are probably trying to improve, and even if you’re currently out front, they can still pass you by.

Andrew Grove, the former CEO of Intel said, “We all need to expose ourselves to the winds of change. The person who is the star of a previous era is often the last to change… and tends to fall harder than most.”

Avoid the fall. Seek out innovative thinking and change agents that will continue to drive you forward and upward…and stay ahead of the competition.

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