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It never fails: when my business slows down, I look at my schedule and see that I haven’t kept up my habit of meeting with people – either referral sources or potential clients. My calendar shows that, for me, failing to keep in touch with people results in lower performance.

It’s the same with supplier partnerships. Communication is the foundation of partnerships and regular communication is vital for success. Supply chain personnel need to get in touch with suppliers for more than just placing orders.

How about improving performance by…

  • Sharing forecasts and plans
  • Discussing production issues
  • Asking what’s new in the supplier’s world (a great way to learn about new technology and better product options)

The same can be said about customers. Don’t fall into the trap of only talking to customers when they place an order. Be in touch. Ask what’s going on. Is business up or down? Are there any new opportunities to be of service to them?

Frequent communication (face-to-face is best) can accelerate your business’s growth and profitability. Look at your schedule – do you need to get in touch?

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