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Executives Expect Value From Supply Chains

One of the most interesting findings in the recently released results of the Supply Chain Management World 2012 survey is that companies are looking to their supply chains to do much more than provide parts and raw materials. Executives now see the supply chain as an integral part of creating flexibility in production and response to market demands.

The survey involved 1385 supply chain, operations, and other executives from around the globe. They represented a variety of industries, primarily high tech, but also including consumer packaged goods, industrials, food and beverage, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and others.

“Our research shows that more and more companies are using supply chain excellence as a means to create value and competitive advantage,” said Hau Lee, PhD, chair of SCM World and professor at Stanford University. “Those that still view supply chain management as a supporting function, or see it only as a way to reduce operating costs…are missing great opportunities.”

According to the survey summary, “The most significant ways in which supply chain excellence boosts top-line growth, according to survey respondents, are the ability to launch new products on schedule, ramp up production quickly, ensure repeat purchases through greater customer loyalty, and receive priority treatment from suppliers when key materials and components are in short supply.”

Do you view supply chain as a supporting function in your company, or as a way to create competitive advantage?

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