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Culture is Vital to an Action Imperative

One of the three legs of an Action Imperative™ is culture, the system of beliefs, behaviors, expectations and values that steer the company. In her recent article in Fast Company, Kelli Richards describes the culture at Apple that she experienced as Director of Music and Entertainment during the early 1990s.

Kelli describes five steps to help sustain culture in an organization: 1) autonomy of the individual, 2) reaching across boundaries to create teams, 3) decisions being made and leaders leading, 4) accountability, and 5) hiring the best.

Failing any one of these can result in substandard performance for any company. Apple actually faltered during the 90s because they didn’t live their own values. The return of Steve Jobs helped to rebuild the values and performance that have made Apple an icon of corporate performance.

To create an Action Imperative™ assess your own performance in those five areas and take action to create or maintain your culture.

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