What clients are saying about The R. PAY COMPANY

A thought-provoking and comprehensive approach


“Rick brought to Nautilus a thought-provoking and comprehensive approach which resulted in actionable recommendations supported by key metrics to track and manage our progress and results.  His pragmatic, collaborative style was key to the successful project outcome.”

Chris Finley, VP Operations, Nautilus


Astounding statistical improvement



“We’ve worked with Rick for several years. The statistical improvement was astounding and the benefit to our bottom line was exceptional. We had a good team – Rick advising us on new methodologies in an organization that was ready to embrace change. I would very much recommend Rick. If you want to drive change and improvement in a measurable and sustainable way, call him.”

Wayne Graham, CFO, Alaska Communications


Everyone is on board



“The process of identifying and implementing a new inventory management system and team was pretty overwhelming for us to start with, but Rick’s common sense approach made it straightforward. Everyone is on board with this project and they want to be successful. They get what Rick is saying, and that’s an important part of implementing a successful program.”

Doug Feldkamp, President, Umpqua Dairy


Reaping financial rewards



“Rick Pay completed a very comprehensive and thorough review of our inventory management and logistics operation and delivered an extremely impactful summary presentation to our leadership team.

His knack of ‘story-telling’ turned complex data into easy to understand information, compelling both financial and non-financial leadership to take note of the impact of his recommendations. We are inspired to act on his recommendations and reap the financial and operational rewards!”

Devvie Cosmer-Kujovich, Resource Manager, EDT CORP


Delivering tangible supply chain results



“Rick is truly the consummate Supply Chain professional. His ability to analyze and recommend legitimate improvements to our Team as well as the structure and components of our Distribution Centers, Inventory, Logistics Platform, Reporting Methods, KPI’s and Strategic Partners exceeded expectations. He was able to quickly and succinctly deliver tangible results that have improved Operational Processes, Inventory Management, Supplier/Partner selection, and importantly, significantly improve our Bottom Line. I don’t hesitate to recommend Rick Pay to any organization that is serious about achieving World Class Supply Chain performance.”

Rob Williams, COO, Sunlight Supply, Inc.


Energized again



“The ideas Rick presented will spark a lot of conversation and I can see that things will continue to improve. He has great enthusiasm for the subject, which leads to buy-in from our employees. Suddenly they are energized again.”

Steve Feldkamp, COO, Umpqua Dairy


Gain more from your operations



“Rick was able to efficiently and effectively analyze our business operations. He identified areas for Quality-Delivery-Cost improvement that allowed us to make measurable improvements in our customer service levels – both internally and externally. His detailed recommendations and achievable implementation plan became the backbone of our strategic improvement initiatives. As a manufacturer and designer of electronic assemblies with over ten years of Lean Manufacturing experience, his external viewpoint was critical in helping us identify and address our ‘blind spot opportunities.'”

Terry Martin, Operations Manager, Milwaukee Electronics


One dramatic day



“Rick Pay recently led my team through a one-day Strategy Immersion focusing on the Operations side of my business. It was the greatest day we have spent as a team looking at the major components of Operations and Supply Chain strategy. Rick’s outside perspective combined with our own business knowledge helped us bring focus and direction to our Operations for the next several years. This one day dramatically improved our thinking and was money well spent.”

William H. Barton III, President/Owner, Forest Dental


Quick results



“Rick Pay identifies the root cause of problems and provides solutions a company can implement quickly and see results.”

Kerry Gillespie, CEO, Gillespie Graphics


12% growth



“Rick’s report assisted us in making several strategic decisions regarding procurement and supply chain which helped us grow our business 12% while increasing profits dramatically.”
Fred Crosetto, CEO, Ammex


Driving behavioral changes



“Thank you for your successful evaluation and improvement of our inventory management and control systems. You drove behavioral changes that reduced our inventory discrepancies by using no-nonsense, effective and concise training and measurement techniques that positively impacted cost, quality and customer satisfaction.”

Susan Priddy, Director of Operations, First Aid Only