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Here are some of the breakthrough results our clients have achieved with our help:


Video: Three Big Changes Our Clients Make
  • Increased inventory turns from six to 12 while reducing order lead time by two thirds
  • Improved gross profit margin by 20% and identified over $1.2 million in inventory reductions
  • Uncovered a 32% cost reduction and 30% inventory reduction
  • Doubled throughput of shipping with no increase in staff
  • Identified over $500,000 in inventory reductions, increased profitability by 2% of sales, and reduced warehouse space by over 25%

Substantial returns on your investment

The R. PAY COMPANY provides returns on your consulting investment from three to 30 times our fees – and more – by boosting gross profit margins and reducing inventory. We enhance management team accountability by designing efficient business processes and key performance indicators. We provide a voice of experience, a history of exceptional results, and leading edge approaches to operations.

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