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One of the keystones of Lean (back when it was called World Class Manufacturing) was The Customer Defines Quality. Simply put, if you want to … Continue reading

Strategy is the framework that helps guide the choices company executives make as they move toward their vision. These choices often guide critical decisions relating … Continue reading

When asked, “What one thing, when you do it, makes everything else easier?” my mentor Alan Weiss responded, “There are several things: speed, courage, lack … Continue reading

Strong process discipline is vital for top performance. By discipline, I’m referring to the tenacity, diligence, and persistence people exhibit in their work. Let me … Continue reading

Most people think of good processes leading to increased profitability, reducing waste, improving service levels and more, but did you ever consider that great processes … Continue reading

A number of small and mid-market executives are implementing new ERP systems in the hope they’ll solve just about everything in their supply chain: shipped-on-time, … Continue reading

Some say “accurate forecasting” is an oxymoron. How often have you heard, “We can’t develop a good plan because we can’t get an accurate forecast … Continue reading

China Ocean Shipping Group (Cosco) is planning to shift its ocean logistics path from Europe to Asia and back to take advantage of the opening … Continue reading

Many companies try to incent productivity with bonus programs, profit sharing and other financial motivators. The problem is that many of these only work in … Continue reading

I recently attended my son’s retirement ceremony at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota celebrating his 21 years of service in the Air Force. … Continue reading