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Recently I’ve had a number of discussions with company owners and other consultants about Trump’s tariffs. Many companies are wringing their hands due to the … Continue reading

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Strategy is the framework that helps guide the choices company executives make as they move toward their vision. These choices often guide critical decisions relating … Continue reading

When asked, “What one thing, when you do it, makes everything else easier?” my mentor Alan Weiss responded, “There are several things: speed, courage, lack … Continue reading

One of the keystones of Lean (back when it was called World Class Manufacturing) was The Customer Defines Quality. Simply put, if you want to … Continue reading

Teams are a key element of continuous improvement. A team is a group of people linked in a common purpose. This is different from a … Continue reading

Recently a client’s company was purchased by a much larger organization. The new owners were impressed with the smaller company’s HR function, particularly the employee … Continue reading

A client who made steel parts for military trucks wanted to show their employees how important their parts were, so they asked the customer to … Continue reading

Competent suppliers and competent staff are essential for increasing business value. The higher your staff and suppliers’ competency, the higher the value provided by partnerships. … Continue reading