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Strategy is the framework that helps guide the choices company executives make as they move toward their vision. These choices often guide critical decisions relating … Continue reading

When asked, “What one thing, when you do it, makes everything else easier?” my mentor Alan Weiss responded, “There are several things: speed, courage, lack … Continue reading

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Being Lean achieves world-class performance. Doing Lean often only results in the deck chairs being reorganized just before the ship sinks. Many companies spend months … Continue reading

I recently saw a blog post that discussed taking notes electronically, on an iPad, rather than on paper in order to reduce handling and administration. … Continue reading

Many companies focus on the tactics of continuous improvement and are often disappointed with their lackluster results. They look at top line growth and see … Continue reading

Watching the Rose Bowl earlier this month I saw Penn State’s impressive running back, Saquon Barkley, who has a great combination of agility and speed. … Continue reading

Why is a great question. Do you wonder why? The answer is simple: it puts things into context. It shows the future and sets the … Continue reading

The Wall Street Journal and Vistage recently conducted a survey of CEOs of small business ($1 million to $20 million) about the election’s impact on … Continue reading