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I recently saw a blog post that discussed taking notes electronically, on an iPad, rather than on paper, in order to reduce handling and administration. I tried that approach a few years ago, but I’ve now found that a simple 3 by 5 note card is even more effective for several reasons.

First, I walk around manufacturing and distribution facilities a lot, and often see things that I want to remember. Carry an electronic note taking platform and trying to actually take the notes can be problematic, but writing down a brief memory-jogger type of note on the card allows me to act on the observation when I’m ready to deal with it.

Second, I tend to restrict my note taking to only those points that drive objectives and change. Even in my interviews with executives during my projects, instead of trying to capture every word, I write down only those points that are highly relevant to the issue at hand. I find now that I’m much more efficient, and more importantly, I remain in the moment and actually hear those few important points that can lead to major improvement.

Stay in the moment, focus on objectives and key points, and only write down those things that really drive change.

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