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Are You Ready?

Sutton Foster is a Tony Award winning Broadway star. She wasn’t always in that position, though. In a story on CBS Sunday Morning (Dec 12, 2016), she talked about her days as an understudy for Broadway shows. As understudy, she was the actress in waiting, preparing for her big chance. She learned all of the lines and the choreography, but never actually played in front of the audience unless something happened to the regular actress.

cabaret_250After years in this position, she got her big chance when a director called her to play the lead role in Thoroughly Modern Millie. She won her fist Tony Award for the role. She said, “One of the things I’m most proud of is that the opportunity came and I was ready!” That meant she was prepared, knew her stuff, had worked hard and could step in.

Is your business ready when the role of a lifetime comes? Can you take advantage of that big sale, new customer, or new product roll-out?

To be ready, 1) keep your vision in mind, 2) have a strong business strategy to attain the vision, and 3) have a solid operations strategy to ensure you have the capacity, cost structure, cash flow, speed and agility to meet the challenge.

Are you ready for the role? Can you respond in award-winning fashion when you get the call? If you would like an assessment of your readiness, let me know.

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