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Are You Postponing Profit?

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It seems like there’s always a better time to do something, and that time is “later.” Many companies believe that improvement initiatives – like Lean, supplier partner programs, global expansion, or new product launches – will wait. The trouble is that while they’re waiting, their competitors are moving forward.

What executives don’t always realize is that return on time (ROT) is often much greater than return on investment (ROI). Waiting until empty positions are filled or current priorities are completed before beginning a new, profit-boosting project doesn’t yield a very good ROT.

To move initiatives forward quickly, companies need a clear strategy and vision for improvement. A client recently told me that because of the strategy and roadmap we created, they achieved results far beyond their expectations in a very short time frame. In fact, the results were so quick and dramatic that a university studied the process to see how it was done. Vision is key to driving change and defines where the future state is.
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