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Agility and Speed: Two Keys To Successful Operations

Watching the Rose Bowl earlier this month I saw Penn State’s impressive running back, Saquon Barkley, who has a great combination of agility and speed. The agility allowed him to avoid tacklers close to the line of scrimmage by rapidly changing direction, often several times. Then, once past the first five yards or so, his speed allowed him to outrun the defensive backs to make a touch down. That combination of agility and speed should provide Penn State fans with many good game-watching experiences.

In your business, agility and speed can be significant competitive factors driving growth, profitability and cash flow. Agility relates to how fast you can change. For example, can you respond to short-term changes in the sales forecast, or changes in labor such as sickness or unexpected turnover, or to a crisis?

Speed relates to how fast things get done, how short lead times are, how responsive your organization is to customers, and how soon your customers get their products. Many customers will pay more for speed.

I’ve always said that the key for operations is to keep sales in the critical path. Agility and speed contribute greatly to that.

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