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A Truck is Worth a Thousand Words

A client who made steel parts for military trucks wanted to show their employees how important their parts were, so they asked the customer to bring a truck over to the shop and show it off. Next thing I knew, there was a huge camouflaged truck in the middle of the parking lot with employees crawling all over it, looking at the parts they had built.

They easily (and excitedly) identified the parts they had made and – for the first time – saw not only how the parts were used, but also how those parts interacted with the rest of the truck. This brought a deep sense of appreciation for how important the parts were, not only to the customer, but also to the soldiers in the field.

You could see the pride in the employees’ eyes. Their quality and productivity stepped up even more over the next several months.

Showing your employees the context of their work gives them a sense of why they’re doing what they’re doing, allows them to feel proud of their contribution, and can really boost quality and productivity.

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